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Zelda Seeds Of Darkness Zelda Seeds Of Darkness
Date Added : Jan 6 |
By far one of the best flash Zelda games ever created! This game plays much like the classic SNES games.
Games Category : Zelda Games | 93432 Views

Zelda Invaders Complete Zelda Invaders Complete
Date Added : Nov 24 |
All Zelda Invaders games in one. If you like invaders type games you will love this.
Games Category : Zelda Games | 28145 Views

Zelda Poe Catcher Zelda Poe Catcher
Date Added : Oct 11 |
Armed with a boomerang and net, help link capture Poes. Earn rupees after completing each level to upgrade Links powers.
Games Category : Zelda Games | 32390 Views

Zelda Collecting Pills Zelda Collecting Pills
Date Added : Oct 11 |
Fun Pac-Man style game with great music and sound. Try to collect all pills to clear the level.
Games Category : Zelda Games | 25104 Views

Hyrule Adventure Hyrule Adventure
Date Added : Sep 16 |
Link is out to save Zelda in this epic 2D quest. He is unarmed so he must avoid bad situations!
Games Category : Zelda Games | 50844 Views

Zelda Dress Up Zelda Dress Up
Date Added : Sep 16 |
If you want to dress up Zelda's link a lot of different ways. Try this game out!
Games Category : Zelda Games | 72827 Views

Zelda Memory Zelda Memory
Date Added : Aug 30 |
Memorize and match your favorite Zelda game characters. Be fast, there is a time limit.
Games Category : Zelda Games | 20217 Views

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